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22 year old, Drake Shuu, was rejected by a 19 year old Minami Usako because he was "too old". Being quick tempered, he storms off and goes home. There his mad scientist father had just made something that might stop the aging process and turn back time (go figure xD;; ). Drake is blinded by Minani's words and foolishly takes his father's concoction. Nothing happens. Much to their surprise (not really), the next day, Drake is now a childhood version of himself. Having to go back to school so that his father can travel to, hopefully, find an antidote, Drake meets a girl who looks almost exactly like Minami. Turns out her name's pretty close too: Minamo Takeshi. What's going to happen in Drake's bizzare life?

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Page 11


Today marks the day that "Charisma" starts! ^^

Sorry it's all faint and stuff! >___> *has lost her pen and is too lazy to ink...*

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